Kathleen Waterloo - Resume

Kathleen Waterloo
- Artist Resume -

Email: kwaterloo@kathleenwaterloo.com

Web: www.kathleenwaterloo.com


Year Institution
1996 BFA/School of the Art Institute/Chicago, IL
1992 State Licensed Interior Designer / IL
1976 Harrington Institute of Interior Design/Chicago, IL
1970 Northern Illinois University/DeKalb, IL (Attended)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 'Road Games'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2020 '20/20 Fusion'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2017 'On Track'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2016 'graphed'/Butters Gallery/Portland, OR
2016 'Niner Niner' /Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2014 'GLOBALocal'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2013 'New Works' /Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2012 'New Works'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2012 'New Works'/Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2011 'Minim'/Woman Made Gallery/Chicago, IL
2010 'Fault Lines'/JK Gallery/Los Angeles, CA
2009 'map quest'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2008 'Architectural Fiction'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2007 'New Works'/Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2007 'Rank and File'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2006 'Urban Landscapes'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2005 'Urban Landscapes'/Illinois Wesleyan Univ./Bloomington, IL
2005 'New Works'/Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2005 'Effusion'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2004 'Transparent+Inherent'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2003 'Wax & Egg'/Oak Park River Forest H.S./Oak Park, IL
2003 'Fused'/Woman Made Gallery/Chicago, IL
2000 'Works On Wood'/Phoenix Gallery/New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 'POP!'/Bridgeport Art Center/Chciago, IL Curators-Zak Blatt+Marci Rubin
2023 '6th Midwest Open'/Woman Made Gallery/Chicago, IL Juror-Kimberly Oliva
2023 'Tranquility'/FusedChicago/Wauconda Public Area Library/Wauconda, IL
2023 'TerraVista'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2022 'All-Terrain'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2022 'Colorful Language'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2021 'Encaustic in America'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2021 'Vista 2021: Contemporary Landscape'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2020 'Lately'/Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2020 'TerraChroma'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2019 'Nouveau'/Circa Gallery/Minneapolis, MN
2019 'Chromaticity'/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2019 'Abstractly Speaking'/Woman Made Gallery/Chicago, IL
2018 'Bijou' FusedChicago Exhibition/Brickton Art Center/Park Ridge, IL
2018 Gallery Artists Group Exhibition/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2017 'Diffused Surface'/Argonne National Laboratory/Lemont, IL
2017 'Encaustic 2017: Rebirth of an Ancient Medium'/Bridgeport Art Center/Chicago, IL
2016 'Denevan Hirst Waterloo Crowell McCracken/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2015 Pintura Fresca Group Exhibition/Addington Gallery/Chicago, IL
2015 Collectors' Gala/Hunter Museum of American Art/Chattanooga, TN
2015 'Expansive Visions'FusedChicago Works/Prairie State College/Chicago Heights, IL Curator - Beth Shadur
2015 Gallery Artists Group Exhibition/Kaller Fine Arts/Washington, DC
2014 'Fused' Group Exhibition/Union Street Gallery/Chicago Heights, IL
2013 'Warp & Weft'/University of Chicago Medicine/Chicago, IL
2013 3-Person Exhibition/Oliver Art Center/Frankfort, MI
2013 'FusedChicago:Group Encaustic Exhibition'/College of Lake County/Grayslake, IL Curator - Steve Jones
2012 'Pintura Fresca 11' Exhibition/MOP Gallery/Sydney, Australia
2012 '20th Anniversary Exhibition: 20 Jurors'/Woman Made Gallery/Chicago, IL
2012 'Ways of Making: Painting'/Governors State University/University Park, IL Curator - Dolores Mercado
2011 National Juried Encaustic Exhibition/Encaustic Art Institute/Cerrillos, NM Juror - Linda Durham
2011 'Blurred Perception: Tactile+Abstract'/Prairie State College/Chicago Heights, IL
2011 'Wax in Motion'/Bowersock Gallery/Provincetown, MA
2011 'Pintura Fresca 10' Exhibition/ Edsvik Konsthall/Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Pintura Fresca Exhibition/ Galerie Nothburga/Innsbruck, Austria
2009 Pintura Fresca Exhibition/Towson University/Towson, MD
2009 Pintura Fresca Exhibition/West Chester University/West Chester, PA
2008 Pintura Fresca Exhibition/Calif. Inst. of Integral Studies/San Francisco, CA
2007 Encaustic Works '07/R&F Gallery/Kingston, NY+Ball State University/Muncie, IN Curator - Joan Snyder
2007 Pintura Fresca Group Exhibition/art-y-fakt Gallery/Singapore
2006 'London 2006'/Red Gate Gallery/London, England
2006 'Summer 2006' Exhibition/GaleriaZero/Barcelona, Spain
2006 '2006 Rockford Midwestern Exhibition'/Rockford Art Museum/Rockford, IL Juror - Gregory Knight
2005 International Group Exhibition/Gallerie Gora/Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2005 '8th International Open'/Woman Made Gallery/Chicago, IL Juror - Lynne Warren/MCA
2004 'Biennial 2004'/Fort Wayne Museum of Art/Fort Wayne, IN Juror - Susan Snodgrass
2004 3-Person Exhibition/Babelearte Gallery/Piacenza, Italy
2003 'International Art Exhibition'/Neoria Center/Hania, Crete, Greece
2002 'Lush Abstractions'/Melanee Cooper Gallery/Chicago, IL
2002 'Egg Tempera'/Mary Washington College Museum/Fredericksburg, VA
2002 'Egg Tempera'/Wisteriahurst Museum/Holyoke, MA
2002 'Burning In: Four Encaustic Painters'/College of Lake County/Grayslake, IL
2001 'Encaustic Encaustic: Joanne Mattera+Friends'/Art Mecca Gallery/Chicago, IL
2001 'Egg Tempera: An Enduring Tradition'/Anna Maria College/Paxton, MA
2000 'Deconstructed Visions'/Art Mecca Gallery/Chicago, IL
2000 'Materials and Techniques'/Dominican University/River Forest, IL Curator - Jeffery Cote de Luna
1999 'Phoenix Gallery Artists'/Phoenix Gallery/New York, NY
1998 '65th Stateline Vicinity Show'/Rockford Art Museum/Rockford, IL Juror - Lynne Warren/MCA
1998 Group Show 'Works on Paper '98'/San Jacinto College South/Houston, TX Juror - Lucinda Barnes/MCA
1998 Group Show '48th Quad-State Exhibition'/Quincy Art Center/Quincy, IL Juror - Joan Rothfuss/Walker
1998 '29th Nat'l. Exhibition'/Palm Springs Desert Museum/Palm Springs, CA Juror - Janet Bishop/SFMOMA
1998 Group Show 'Exhibition '98'/Central Wyoming College/Riverton, WY Juror - B.Talbert/M.Kendall
1998 Group Show 'Dishman Competition'/Lamar University/Beaumont, TX Juror - James Yood
1997 Group Show 'National Competition'/Bowery Gallery/New York, NY Juror - William Bailey
1997 Group Show 'Regional IV Exhibition'/ARC Gallery/Chicago, IL Juror - Ann Sass/Whitney
1996 '1st Nat'l. Egg Tempera Exhibition'/Amos Joseph Fine Art/Santa Fe, NM Jurors - M.Bergt/W.Lumpkins
1996 '2nd Annual University Art Show'Northern Indiana Arts Assn./Munster, IN Juror - Ed Paschke
2023 'Small Wonders'/FusedChicago/Blue Moon Gallery/Grayslake, IL


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2001 Pulcheria Arte 2001 exhibition catalogue (cover art), September 2001
2001 Art New England, Egg Tempera: An Enduring Tradition (Joan McCarthy), June/July 2001
2001 The Worcester Phoenix, Art Over Easy (Leon Nigrosh), 4-6-01

Lectures / Demonstrations / Professional

2023-22 University of Chicago Bernard Mitchell Hospital - Exhibition Juror/Chicago, IL
2023 Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospita - Exhibition Juror/Chicago, IL
2020 Encaustic Art Institute - Exhibition Juror - 2020 (MMXX): Beginnings - /Santa Fe. NM
2019-10 University of Chicago Bernard Mitchell Hospital - Exhibition Juror/Chicago, IL
2017 Addington Gallery - Gallery Talk - The Physicality of Painting - /Chicago, IL
2016-12 Morpho Gallery - Exhibition Juror Encaustic Works/Chicago, IL
2013 Oliver Art Center - Encaustic Demonstration/Frankfort, MI
2012 Woman Made Gallery - Board Vice-President/Chicago, IL
2012 Zhou B Art Center - Encaustic Demonstration Chicago Artists Month/Chicago, IL
2011-09 Woman Made Gallery - Board Member/Chicago, IL
2011 Whatcom Museum - Studio Tour & Demonstration/Bellingham, WA
2011 Prairie State College - Guest Curator/Chicago Heights, IL
2010 Illinois Institute of Technology - Studio Tour & Encaustic Demonstration/Chicago, IL
2009 Prairie State College - Gallery Talk/Chicago Heights, IL
2008 Melanee Cooper Gallery - Gallery Talk /Chicago Artists Month/Chicago, IL
2007 Rondout School District - Classroom Lecture and Workshop/Lake Forest, IL
2006 WomanMade Gallery - Workshop +Encaustic Demonstration/Chicago, IL
2005 Illinois Wesleyan University - Classroom Encaustic Demonstration+Gallery Talk/Bloomington, IL
2005 Melanee Cooper Gallery - Encaustic Demonstration CADA - Vision 10 - /Chicago, IL
2004 Whitney Young H.S. - Studio Encaustic Demonstration/Chicago, IL
2003 Oak Park River Forest H.S. - Gallery Solo Exhibition & Talk/Oak Park, IL
2002 Melanee Cooper Gallery - Gallery Talk CADA - Absolut Vision - /Chicago, IL
2002 Woman Made Gallery - Annual Member's Show 2002 Juror/Chicago, IL
2000 Dominican University - Studio Encaustic Demonstration/Chicago, IL
1999 Women's Board Museum of Contemporary Art - Studio Encaustic Demonstration/Chicago, IL


Neiman Marcus/Chicago, IL
University of Chicago Medicine/Chicago, IL
Jeanne Gang/Chicago, IL
Mac MacLellan & Miriam Waltz/Chicago, IL
AllianceBernstein/Chicago, IL
McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Ltd./Chicago, IL
College of Lake County/Grayslake, IL
Crowell & Moring LLP/Washington, DC
Eaton Corporation World Headquarters/Cleveland, OH
Midland Country Club/Midland, MI
Purdue University NW/Westville, IN
Tria Inc. div. of Park Nicollet Medical/Minneapolis, MN
NorthMarq/Minneapolis, MN
Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P./Minneapolis/ MN
Faegre & Benson L.L.P./Minneapolis, MN
Mirage Villas/Las Vegas, NV
Bank of the West/Spokane, WA
Oregon Health & Science University/Portland, OR
Steve (Mac) MacLellan Chicago, IL
Perkins Coie/Chicago, IL

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