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- Encaustic Care Tips -

1. Buff with soft cotton cloth gently to clean, remove grime or fingerprints, or to return to gloss finish. Ideal cloths are soft t-shirts or silky pantyhose. Avoid flannel, rough cloths or ones with many loose fibers. They will scratch or leave tiny fibers imbedded in the survace.

2. Keep out of direct sun or heat source. Heat may make the surface feel 'tacky' but will not alter appearance. Remove from source of heat and surface will cool back to normal. Encaustic will melt at 162 degrees F.

3 Do not use cleaning solvents or water to clean the surface.

4. Wax is a natural material and efflorescence does occur as the result of water oxidation. (This also occurs in brick and in egg tempera paintings.) Over time - possibly as soon as a month - a matte finish will appear on the painting surface. Both gloss and matte finishes are acceptable, and each have different appearances. To return to a gloss finish, see note 2. The older the painting, the better it buffs as a result of the paint and wax medium tempering over time.

5. Use care and avoid sharp objects and excessive touching. Finger oil can build up on the surface.

6. Avoid bubble wrap directly on the surface as it leaves marks. If wrapping/shipping, use clear plastic sheeting or was paper directly on surface followed by cardboard to protect. Bubble or foam wrap can then be applied.

Download the Tip Sheet (.pdf)


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